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Cocktail Hour | Themed Collection

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  • Indulge in our four cocktail-inspired wax melts, curated to transport you to a whole new world of olfactory delight! Our themed collection will leave your senses buzzing with excitement.

    Clementine and Prosecco - This wax melt is like a fruity explosion, with sweet oranges and delicate flowers that will tickle your senses. It's like a fizzy party for your nose!

    Passionfruit Martini - Get ready to quench your thirst with a citrusy punch and fruity vibes inspired by a cosmopolitan cocktail. It's like a refreshing purple rain for your senses!

    Purple Rain - Prepare your senses for an explosion of fruity goodness! Let the refreshing coconut water burst on your palette and the juicy ripe raspberry and summer peach bring a smile to your face. The heart blooms with a floral essence of violet and neroli before it ends on a sweet note with a touch of vanilla. This scent is a sumptuous feast for your nose!

    Pina Colada - Picture this: a tropical paradise where juicy pineapples are in perfect harmony with creamy coconut and a hint of rum, all drizzled with sweet vanilla and creamy musks. Can you smell the mouth-watering pina colada burning away yet?

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