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Laundry | Themed Collection

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  • Get whisked away into a world of freshly laundered bliss with our scent-sational collection of six laundry-inspired fragrances.

    Scent Description

    Clean Cotton - Breathe in the light and airy scent of white musk, followed by juicy, sun-kissed oranges and a refreshing breeze of eucalyptus. Surrounded by the ocean, you'll smell the sea kelp as fragrant jasmine and delicate mimosa float by. 

    Dreams - Indulge in a sweet serenade of Lavender and Vanilla, evoking memories of fresh laundry!

    Fresh - Buckle up for a wild ride as the refreshing scent of salty sea air collides with zesty bursts of citrus in a wax melt! Get ready to be swept off your feet!

    Lavish - Treat your senses like royalty with the luscious blend of peach, vanilla, and rose! Get swept off your feet by the heavenly fragrance, straight outta the top laundry brand's playbook!

    Spring - Prepare to be swept away by the scent of freshly laundered clothes this spring season with our floral, woody, and green wax melt! It's like adding a dash of garden beauty and natural freshness that will leave your home smelling sublime!

    Uplift - Get ready to tantalize your nostrils with the ultimate in laundry scents: The Iconic Uplift, Apple, Pear, and Vanilla! Be prepared for a sensory explosion that will leave your clothes smelling like a sweet slice of heaven.

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