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Beach | Themed Collection

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  • Ladies and gents, get ready to be swept away to a fruity wonderland! Our tropical fruit wax melts will transport you to a place where the sun, sand, and sea meet, with four paradise-worthy themes to choose from! Take a sip of that icy cocktail and feel like you're lounging on the beach.

    Marshmallow and White Peach - Imagine a delicious universe where the sun-kissed raspberries dance with your nose, leading to a heart of rose marshmallow drenched in peach and a sprinkle of apple. As you float away on a cloud of vanilla, fluffy musks and a final kiss of peach say farewell.

    Passionfruit Martini - Picture yourself on a tropical island with the sun on your skin and a fruity drink in hand. This scent is like a luscious paradise in a bottle, bursting with freshly sliced passionfruit, tangy lime, and soothing vanilla syrup.

    A Day at the Beach - Imagine yourself lying on a beach with waves crashing and the sun kissing your skin. That's what this scent is all about! Think of the salty ocean mist paired with the refreshing scent of bamboo. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the aroma of juicy melons, grapes, and peaches fills the air. All of these scents come together to create a creamy coconut milk fragrance, leaving you feeling like a tropical goddess.

    Pina Colada - Picture this: a tropical paradise where juicy pineapples are in perfect harmony with creamy coconut and a hint of rum, all drizzled with sweet vanilla and creamy musks. Can you smell the mouthwatering pina colada burning away yet?

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