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Fresh | Themed Collection

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  • Indulge in Caru Candles' freshest and cleanest scents with our special collection featuring four of our finest fragrances. You won't be able to resist the sweet aroma!

    Clean Cotton - Breathe in the light and airy scent of white musk, followed by juicy, sun-kissed oranges and a refreshing breeze of eucalyptus. Surrounded by the ocean, you'll smell the sea kelp as fragrant jasmine and delicate mimosa float by. 

    Fresh Linen - Get ready for a sniff of heaven with this musky, powdery, and oh-so-floral scent! It's a delicious blend of violet, orange blossom, and greenery, plus a dash of jasmine and lily.

    Eucalyptus - Picture yourself in a serene forest, surrounded by the fragrant scent of fresh eucalyptus, with a touch of herbal clarity, and a hint of thyme and menthol. Breathe in and feel refreshed!

    Aloe Vera - Ah, the sweet, gentle aroma of Aloe Vera. Perfect for those hot summer days when you don't want to be overwhelmed by overpowering fragrances. Pop in a wax melt and let the refreshing scent whisk you away!


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