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Luxe | Themed Collection

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  • Indulge in a whiff of pure bliss with Caru Candles's themed collection, featuring six high-end fragrances that will leave you feeling like royalty.

    Blackcurrant and Tuberose - Take a stroll through a lush, exotic garden with our Blackcurrant and Tuberose wax melt! This fragrance is like sipping tea in a magnificent Persian oasis, bursting with a fruity and floral bouquet, topped with a dash of woody notes and a pinch of musk. Get ready to be transported to a breath-taking paradise of scents!

    Lime, Basil and Mandarin - Get ready to drool over the tantalizing aroma of succulent limes, tangy bergamot, and bursting-with-flavour mandarins!

    Damson Plum, Rose and Patchouli - Indulge in the luxurious, feminine aroma of our Damson Plum, Rose, and Patchouli wax melts. The scent will transport you to sultry evenings spent in stunning Mediterranean villas. A delicious blend of sweet fruity notes, spicy exotic aromas, and a touch of alluring musk. Perfect for any season!

    Peppermint and Eucalyptus - Inhale the refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and orange, mixed with earthy patchouli and green leaf, all wrapped up in cedarwood and white musk. It's a symphony of essential oils, with peppermint leading the charge to overpower even the peskiest pet smells.

    Seaweed and Juniper - Get ready to be transported to the shore with this refreshing scent combo! A splash of Sicilian lemon, juicy orange, and bergamot hits your nose like a refreshing sea breeze. Then, sage, rosemary, and tea tree mix it up with the scent of pine and jasmine petals. Finally, the fragrance settles with soft musk and white cedarwood, reminding you of a day at the beach collecting seashells and driftwood.

    White Patchouli and Clove - This magical wax melt will charm your senses with a symphony of scents that'll send you straight to heaven! Starting with a tantalizing trio of cardamom, cassis, and juicy mandarins. Then, the beloved floral notes of jasmine and lily blend with the earthy tones of amber, clove, and patchouli. And finally, a warm and cozy base of musky sandalwood, hints of vetiver, and a sprinkle of vanilla. Get ready to be swept off your feet!

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