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Paradise | Themed Wax Melt Collection

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  • Paradise Collection | Themed Collection

    Unleash the tropical vibes with Caru Candles' limited edition wax melts that will have you dreaming of exotic destinations. Get ready to be swept away by the tantalizing scents!

    Raspberry and White Peach - Imagine a delicious universe where the sun-kissed raspberries dance with your nose, leading to a heart of rose marshmallow drenched in peach and a sprinkle of apple. As you float away on a cloud of vanilla, fluffy musks and a final kiss of peach say farewell.

    Pineapple and Coconut - Picture this: a tropical paradise where juicy pineapples are in perfect harmony with creamy coconut and a hint of rum, all drizzled with sweet vanilla and creamy musks. Can you smell the mouthwatering pina colada burning away yet?

    Passionfruit and Vanilla  - Get ready to be swept away on a tropical paradise with this fruity scent! The zesty citrus scent takes the lead, followed by a delicious blend of juicy passion fruit, ripe strawberries, and sweet pineapple. To round things off, we've added a touch of creamy vanilla and coconut, giving you the ultimate fruity escape!

    Strawberry and Rhubarb - Step into a vibrant marketplace of fresh fruit aromas with our Rhubarb & Strawberry wax melt! Bursting with juicy sweetness, this melt packs a fruity punch of apple and raspberry, with a sprinkle of vanilla that'll transport you to a blooming spring garden.

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